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Morning Spooning

Waking up early morning cuddling up close and tight as shes facing away from you fully naked and feeling warm to touch. Her soft ass is leaning into your groin and pressing against your hard dick, you grind against her slowly, sliding your dick against her wet and warm pussy from behind. She then reaches one hand towards tour dick grabbing it tightly and slides you inside her. Placing your hand in front of her and rubbing it against her while you move back and forth in and out of her pussy making it more wet as shes leaning more forward groaning and asking for more. Suddenly you lift her up to her hands and knees placing back your throbbing dick inside her more wet pussy moving faster in and out, groaning noises from her making you more faster. Holding her hips tightly as you begin to release deep inside. After, you both roll down side to side hugging till afternoon